Monday, September 26, 2022


1on1: Hello Sister

Favorites Favorite Color? Grace: Light Pink, Orange and Gold Gabriella: Light Blue Scarlett: Yellow  Favorite Movie? We love victorious, Psych, Lost in space and disney channel and nickelodeon shows. Favorite...

Interview with Lilo Baier

Today we interview Singer Lilo Baier who's recent songs "Better in Time" and "Real Friends" have been true gems to listen to and...

1on1: Jake Diaz

Music Mondays


1on1: Jaleena Rodriguez

Favorites: Artist: Omg! I have so many! But to name a few... Sam Smith, Olivia Rodrigo, Rihanna, and I got that old soul because I...

Interview with DesiG

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US News

Gas Prices continue to fall as US enters into second wave

Gas prices across the US, have begun to fall over the past few days. With the summer travel season over and the winter months...

Laura becomes a Hurricane in the Gulf

Laura is barreling quickly towards the Gulf Coast with expected impacts starting late Wednesday night into Thursday morning.. Hurricane Laura is a Category 1...

Boss Baby 2 should have ended with 1

Parents prepare for lots of whining from yourself when taking your kiddo to see this dreaded sequel. Boss Baby 1 was excellent with a...
marketing businessman person hands

Penny Stocks on the Rise! -Week of July 6th

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors and this is opinion based only.  Invest at your own risk. After a long holiday weekend, the Stock Market...

1on1: Sophia Rozdilsky from Gymnastics Nomads

Favorites: Song: Trader by Olivia Rodrigo Artist: Olivia Rodrigo Book: The Bible Movie: Old TV Show: Criminal Minds How old were you when you first...


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